An annual music festival established in 2008, featuring established and rising local acts from Singapore.


IGNITE! Music Festival is an annual, student-driven music festival that will be happening in the month of July. After 11 successful runs since 2008, Republic Polytechnic and The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) is pleased to present IGNITE! Music Festival 2019!

Being the only Polytechnic with a music festival of this scale, IGNITE! is the most exciting outdoor event in the local and school music scene. Known for its extensive technical stage set-up, concert goers can look forward to a spectacular state-of-the-art audio visual experience that will blow their minds.  

 Driven by passion and compassion, the festival aims to further expose the local music scene. Located at Republic Polytechnic, IGNITE! is by far the only music festival that is driven by students.


Great global music festivals around the world have been seen, utilising the power of music to promote worthy causes. In the same vein, IGNITE! Music festival aims to achieve that very notion by its festival theme of Passion & Compassion in hopes of promoting youth volunteerism through music.

In 2014, we’ve incepted Project Passion (Beyond Social Services), Project Compassion #1 (Bright Hill Evergreen Home) and Project Compassion #2 (APSN Charity Carnival). Recently in 2015, the students were involved in Welcome to My World Concert produced by Very Special Arts (VSA).