An IGNITE! 2016 To Remember: Day 2 Highlights

By Afiq Naqiuddin, Kristel Joy William and Foong Yuen Ting

Our second and final day definitely wasn’t one to disappoint. With a headliner like Plainsunset, Day 2 was set to last in everyone’s minds.

To kick off the show, we had Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) very own Replug. Their set list got everybody on their feet as they tirelessly covered Bruno Mars’ hit songs such as Beautiful Girls, Treasure and Uptown Funk. Their set not only fulfilled their promise of unplugged and redefined music, but they also brought it to the next level, leaving our crowd wanting more.



Fresh from winning this year’s edition of IGNITE! Band Auditions, Fader was all ready and set to impress everyone. And impress, they did. The alternative pop-punk quintet got everyone in the crowd jumping and singing along as they performed originals and even rocking a cover of Neck Deep’s All Hype, No Heart. They definitely hyped the audience for what’s to come throughout the night.

Making their return to the IGNITE! stage, was The Summer State. The five-piece pop-rock band got the audience raising their hands as they performed all their original pieces. Working hard to promote their new single Enough, they certainly did not hold back in giving a high-energy performance to their fans.

After leaving a mark last year at our fringe event, Tell Lie Vision was rightfully given their chance to shine on the big stage this year. The post-hardcore/alternative band wisely took advantage of this opportunity and even got everybody head banging to their original pieces. They successfully etched themselves in the minds of the crowd by ending their set off with their hit, Fireman.  One of the members even commented, “It feels right at home.”



With their blend of different genres from hardcore punk, hip-hop and rap, Young was a crowd pleaser. Spectators chorused along to songs the band belted out from their new album, Full Circle. Young was even generous enough to give a few lucky fans a free copy of their EP. For first-timers, the band certainly didn’t disappoint.

Bear Culture returned home to raise the bar even further. The alternative rock/progressive band performed originals as they got everyone pumped and screaming along to their lyrics. The crowd was feeling the vibe as the RP alumni smashed it on stage. They certainly left everyone wanting more.

Back for their second year in a row, melodic punk-rock band, Iman’s League took the stage and had the crowd bouncing on their feet. The three-man band came back with a new look switching up their style. Sadly, today was the last time they played their well-known song, “Lisa” , in Singapore. The crowd was upset but still sang their hearts out. By the end of the set, their fans were chanting for an encore.



Concluding IGNITE! Music Festival 2016 was our headlining band, Plainsunset. This is the band that has been through it all. The gig-goers went all old school with them as they played their classic, “Postcards from Paradise”. IGNITE! Music Festival was more than honoured to have them on stage as the band performed for the very last time at a music festival.

After months of hard work, we’re sad to bid goodbye to IGNITE! Music Festival 2016. If you missed out on our 2 days of pure local tunes, make sure to be here next year for our 10th anniversary!

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