Pre-IGNITE! Adventures

By Christie Foong

The highly anticipated IGNITE! Music Festival is back in its 9th year. Before we get on with the show, we’ve got a myriad of fringe events in store for you. So mark your calendars & be sure to join us! 

Flame On! & Radiance are 2 events you wouldn’t want to miss. Flame on! is a fringe event that showcases Jammerz Arena (JA), one of the most popular interest groups (IG) on the RP campus. Fun fact: Did you know that the members of Tell Lie Vision and Bear Culture are from JA? On the other hand, Radiance showcases Replug, an acoustic IG in RP that expresses themselves as raw as possible through unplugged music. RP’s Jammerz Arena & Replug will be performing on the 20th & 21st July respectively. 

IGNITE! Band Auditions. Our Top 8 finalists from the band auditions will be showing their stuff at the South Agora stage on the 22nd July (TGIF!). What better way to spend your Friday than discovering local talent? From metal to alternative rock to chilled, we have a blend of bands from different music genres coming to battle it out for the chance to play at #IGNITEMUSICFEST. Many have released their own EPs and you might have caught some of them playing at big local stages like Shine Festival and the Singapore Street Festival.

Time for a flash mob! Yes, IGNITE! Takes On Town is back! Continuing the tradition, our IGNITE! crew, joined with members from various IGs, will be taking the streets of Orchard by storm once again. Our crew will be decked out in red and black cheering their hearts out. Snapchat, post, tweet or Instagram us if you see us roaming around and don’t forget to use the hashtag #IGNITEMUSICFEST. We’ll also streaming the flash mob live on Twitter so keep a lookout for our social media sites. This is truly a highlight event not to be missed.

Here’s a peek at what went down at last year’s #IGNITEMUSICFEST! If you’re lucky, who knows? Maybe you’ll catch us in the act again on the 23rd July! 

In case you missed out on the fun last year, here's a quick recap! 

You might have heard their stuff during Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP), SpinCity or Raveyard. Back with “IGNITION II”, RP's very own Electronic Music Production (EMP) IG will be sure to put on a show for you to rave to on the 25th July. 

Last year, we were graced with the lovely Anise SG and Christiane Mikaela for our series of Chill @ The Reel. This year however, there's a change in venue, but with the same vibes if not better. If you’re looking to chill out and enjoy some music, grab a bite and pop by during your breaks to jive to the tunes of local artists and RP’s very own musicians. They’ll be busking at South Agora on the 7th July. Curious about who the talents are? Well, you’ll have to be there to find out!

Photo credits: djsentersg

Photo credits: djsentersg

Steps on how to be a DJ: attend our DJ class 101 on the 28th July. Conducted by DJsENTER, they'll teach you the technical know-how of music production. Offering a hands-on workshop from DJing to music production, this isn't an opportunity you can grab every day. Bring your friends along to attend the workshop together!

Along with various other workshops, we have a multitude of events lined up for you. There won’t be a day in the week isn’t packed with new activities for you to experience. With all these fringe events leading up to the main show, we’re sure you’re just as pumped up for the festival as we are!


Make sure you’re following us on our IGNITE! social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the exciting events happening. Tag us in your posts and share your experiences with us! #IGNITEMUSICFEST will be held on the 29th and 30th July 2016 so be sure not to miss out. See ya there!

Kenny Lim