10 People We Love in Local Music

By Fasiha Nazren

1. Tan Peng Sing from M1LDL1FE

He's the red stripey one on the left. (Source: M1LDL1FE's Instagram)

He's the red stripey one on the left. (Source: M1LDL1FE's Instagram)

Don’t be deceived by his shy appearance, he actually packs quite a s1ck sense of humour. Better known as Pengs, the guitarist also doubles up as the band’s social media representative. So we’re pretty sure he’s behind this cheeky YouTube comment:

And how can you not love someone who quotes a tweet about a cute loyal dog and gushes over it?


2. Sara Wee from 53A

There is no such thing as underachieving when it comes to the vocalist and guitarist of 53A.

Apart from performing the upbeat National Day song for 2016, she is also a mentor for Timbre Music Academy and a Nike Training Club trainer. Amidst her many roles, she enjoys doing yoga too.

Talk about jack of all trades!


3. Adin Kindermann from Stopgap

Source:  Bandwagon

Source: Bandwagon

You probably know him as the handsome ang mor-looking frontman of Stopgap, but Adin can also be quite the prankster, like when he possibly caused a three-day headache by making fellow member Yujin drink a concoction of chemicals back in secondary school!

But don’t worry guys, nowadays he provides laughter less dangerously – by dubbing characters in Haw Par Villa:


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Singapore Tourism Board, if you need any hilarious marketing ideas, he’s the guy for you.


4. Sam Rui

Yo its 9 days to this album

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Debuting with an ode (or rather, a “screw you”) to an ex that betrayed her shows how empowering Sam is, and that is why we love her.

But that’s not the only reason why – she is a fangirl just like us too, so relatable!

And, she also gives kickass comebacks. We’re down for you, girlfriend!


5 & 6. Narelle & Benjamin Kheng from The Sam Willows

3 things I h8 the most 🙄🙄🙄 #nationalsiblingsday #forwhat #everydayalsosibling

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We know this pair of good looking siblings as half of The Sam Willows, so yes, they can sing and play musical instruments.

But they can act too! The siblings who both studied theatre recently acted in a heartwarming HP advertisement.

As if they are not multi-talented enough, the both of them also used to be national swimmers.

The Kheng siblings are definitely keeping me jealous!


7. Izzudin Aris from YouthWreck

Izzudin is the guy in the white shirt on the left.  Source

Izzudin is the guy in the white shirt on the left. Source

 He may seem like your average grunge band member, but the bassist of Youthwreck actually holds a PhD degree. That’s right, that makes him Dr Izzudin Aris!

But if that isn’t fascinating enough, he will be pursuing his studies in Life Sciences at Harvard University in 2017.

So kids, education is still important even if you want to pursue a career in music!


8. Inch Chua

As her name suggests, she may be tiny but she sure is mighty!

From sleeping in a car on her journey across the United States, to living rurally in a kampong house in Pulau Ubin for four months – these are the things Inch would do for her craft.

But at the end of the day, she reaped what she sowed and got to release well-received EPs such as Bumfuzzle and Letters to Ubin.


9. Stephanie Lim from Hubbabubbas

What lengths would you go to just to do something you love?

For Stephanie, she didn’t just give up furthering her studies in Canada, but also her Canadian dual citizenship just to continue making music with her bandmates in sunny Singapore!

But not to worry, she is still pursuing her degree in Psychology in the National University of Singapore while singing with her band!

If not for that bold move, we would not have heard of Hubbabubba’s EP – Amy(gdala). We love you, Stephanie!


10. Chen Tianwen aka "Mr Unbelievable"


What started off as a promotional video for Channel 5 series Spouse for House garnered so much attention, a movie was made about Mr Unbelievable himself.

The song was so catchy, Cashew Chemists just had to cover the song.

The IGNITE! crew were also stunned like vegetable, so we paid homage by remaking the video back in 2015!

Mr Unbelievable, you are one legendary man.

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