10 Types Of Fans At Every Gig

By Seri Azilia

In every music festival or concert you go to, there will be various types of people that you will bump into. They either make your experience a memorable one or they might ruin it for you -  and that’s the last thing you want for #IGNITEMF10.

For starters, we will introduce you to the most common type:


1. The Screamer

When you see your favourite band performing on stage and can’t seem to find words to describe what you are feeling, what do you do? You scream. Pass the earplugs to the people beside you so they won’t get annoyed!


2. The Stalker

They will always be scrolling through the artistes’ social media for live updates and the first to leave a comment. Once their favourite singer/band is up on stage, I beg you, hold onto your souls because they will use all their might to swerve to the front!


3. The Headbanger

Don’t worry, they are just enjoying the music! But once they are on the ground and still shaking, it is definitely time to call in the ambulance.


4. The Phone Addicts

“Oh no bad lighting!”

“Alamak, blur ah!”

“Oh my god, my favourite part of the song, let’s instastory it!”


5. The Choir

They make you wonder if you came to see the band or the fans perform. But at least you don’t have to google the lyrics to know what song the act is playing - just ask them!


6. The Climber

You get the best view but sweetheart, you are probably blocking someone else’s view.


7. The Fashion Diva

You name it! Crochet top, shorts, shades and some confidence. They look amazing and that highlighter be poppin’! They provide eyecandy, and no one is complaining right?


8. The Height Problem


It already feels like you’re in a can of sardines whenever you’re outdoors in sunny Singapore.

Then suddenly a person who is taller than you decides to move in front of you and there goes your view of that cute drummer.

But your tiny stature also serves as an advantage – squeeze your way through! But if you can’t, try opting for platforms or heels.


9. The Lepak Kakis

Suddenly you are in Coachella, where everyone just relax one corner and sits on the floor. Be careful not to trample on them!


10. The Selfie Addict

Just prepare to have your Instagram feed flooded with their faces. Thank god for the new Instagram photo album feature!

Everyone wants to enjoy the festival in their own way. However, remember to be thoughtful! What kind of fan will you be at IGNITE! Music Festival?

Kenny Lim