Let’s be FRANK: A review on OCBC’s youth cash rebate card

By Pradesh Pragasam, Year 3, School of Management and Communication


The OCBC Frank Card is a cash rebate card for all that millennials spend on. From fresh designs to attractive benefits, this card definitely oozes youth appeal.

But do the perks really check out?

I am Pradesh Pragasam from the IGNITE! Music Festival Social Media Team and a year 3 student from the School of Management and Communication. Here a quick review on my personal experience using FRANK:

Dope Designs

With all the craze over product personalisation in the recent years, the Frank card has got you covered. You get to choose and personalise your own card from over 120 designs! This gives you a reason to show it off when you take it out of your wallet.


OCBC has also collaborated with local designers such as Wanton Doodle to create some sick designs. My card design is by Tan Zi Xi aka MESSYMSXI and thanks to her I now feel cool and trendy when I use my card, not to mention it adds a piece of art in my wallet.

Online Shopping

With 6% cash rebate, the Frank Card is easily any online shopaholic’s dream. In application, this means if you are buying $100 worth of clothes, you will get $6 back! From Lazada to Zalora, the Frank card has got your back.


This perk pays off as your spending confidence is increased, knowing that you are both buying and saving at the same time. I definitely do not feel as guilty, when I shop on ASOS anymore.


Why waste time switching to your EZ Link card, when you can just simply use the Frank card to travel. The Frank card also works as an EZ Link providing greater convenience by eliminating the need to carry multiple cards with you


Us youths are also notorious for grabbing to our destinations. Thankfully, the Frank card grants us a 1% rebate for every Grab or Citycab ride! Now I do not feel as bad when I am late and have to take a cab to school.

All in all, I have been very satisfied with the Frank card and the benefits that it offers. I have been using it for almost all my daily necessities, from online shopping to travel. It also does not hurt that my card is aesthetically pleasing.

Frankly speaking, this is the card for youths!

Visit https://www.frankbyocbc.com/products/cards/credit-card/ to find out more about the OCBC Frank Card or get yours at the FRANK by OCBC booth at the IGNITE! Festival Village on 27 & 28 July 2018.

Kenny Lim