5 Newly Released Songs to Check Out

By Natasha Chee Ke En, School of Management and Communication

With so many bands in Singapore, it can be overwhelming keeping up with what’s new in the local scene. But fret not, because we got your back! Get your headphones ready and it is time to drown yourself with amazing newly released local music.

Psst… btw, you can catch them live on IGNITE! too!

1. YAØ

Source: YAØ’s Facebook

Source: YAØ’s Facebook


Genre: R ‘n’ B

Must die die check out: Wanna Know

Live at IGNITE! on: 26th July, 6.50pm-7.20pm

Need a pick me up song? Just put YAØ’s latest song “Wanna Know” on repeat and you’ll be guaranteed a good time. Together with Axel Brizzy, “Wanna Know” is a catchy and upbeat song that will get you singing “I wanna know, wanna know, wanna know” all week.

Though he might be new to the music scene, don’t let that fool you. He is the proud winner of the Youth Music Award, New Kid On The Block and has more to offer to the music scene. Catch him live on IGNITE! and you will understand what’s the hype all about.

2. Sun Eater

Source: Sun Eater’s Facebook

Source: Sun Eater’s Facebook


Who?: KC, Brandon, Qimin, Luke

Genre: Alternative Rock

Must die die check out: Patriot

Live at IGNITE! on: 27th July, 6.00pm-6.30pm

Ever feel like jamming out to a more intense song? Though with only two songs, Sun Eater is not for the weak. Their newly released single, ‘Patriot’, has everything you need in a rock song –strong vocals, guitar lines, drums, grooves. 

Come on down and be prepared for a head-banging good time.

3. Bakers in Space

Source: Bakers in Space’s Facebook

Source: Bakers in Space’s Facebook


Who?: Amirul Hakim, Eugene Soh, Ernest Foo, Hafi Zainor

Genre: Rock

Must die die check out: All The Time

Live at IGNITE! on: 27th July, 8.00pm-8.30pm

If you’ve listened and loved ‘Fools & Liar”, their new single “All The Time” will give you a pleasant surprise. Though its from the same band, both songs give two completely different vibe. Listening to the former will make you want to get up and jump to the beats whereas the latter is dreamier has a laid-back feel to it. 

Can’t decide if you want to be bumping to the music or have a chill IGNITE! experience? Why not have both? Just come down for Bakers in Space’s set and you will get the best of both worlds.

4. brb.

Source: brb.’s Facebook

Source: brb.’s Facebook


Who?: Clarence Liew, Auzaie Zie, Marc Lian

Genre: R&B

Must die die check out: Can’t Tell

Live at IGNITE! on: 26th July, 8.50pm-9.20pm

If you are a big fan of chill music, brb. Is your go to. They are all about capturing that chill feeling in their music as all three of them share that common artistic background. Even though “Can’t Tell” talks about a failed relationship, the song is packaged with upbeats synths and catchy lyrics that easily disguise itself as a go-to song. 

To get that ultimate chill experience, make sure to get yourself some drinks and snacks from the Village and get a good view of brb. It’ll definitely be a night to remember.

5. ShiGGa Shay

Source: ShiGGa Shay’s Facebook

Source: ShiGGa Shay’s Facebook


Genre: Hip-Hop

Must die die check out: Paiseh

Live at IGNITE! on: 27th July, 9.20pm-9.50pm

Today, you can’t think of rapping in Singapore without ShiGGa Shay being the first name that comes to mind. After 3 long years, ShiGGa is back with “Paiseh”, an anthem for people who are unbothered by what others have to say about them.

Not only is song a complete banger, the music video alone is one to remember. It’s cool yet silly in the best way possible. It is the combination of ShiGGa’s serious face and the green screen that makes you chuckle from time to time.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you mark 26th and 27th July on your calendar to watch these talented local acts live! Don’t forget to bring some cash along as there will be booths selling food and drinks, apparel and merchandise to complete your IGNITE! experience!

Kenny Lim