3 Mobile Apps Perfect For Musicians And Music Lovers

By Nathanael Khoo Zi Teng, School of Management and Communication

Is music your life? Then you have to check out 3 apps that is perfect for musicians and music lovers!

1. BandLab


BandLab is a social music platform that enables creators to make music and share the creative process. With a global community of creators and fans, BandLab combines music making and collaboration tools, with social features like video sharing, messaging and discovery. BandLab’s mission is to break down the technical, geographic and creative barriers between creators, collaborators and community by providing a completely FREE and unlimited service. It is also the world’s first cross-platform DAW (i.e. you can use it across your computer, tablet, phone etc). And as of July 2019, it has over 8 million users hailing from 120 countries worldwide.

Anyone can use BandLab as it is not genre or skill-level specific. If you’re a musician, think of it as a musical sketchbook for your ideas, a place for you or your band to collaborate or way to get feedback about the music you're working on. If you simply love listening to music, it is a place to discover 'hyperfresh'/under-the-radar creators.

BandLab has many features. With 7,000 Loops and dozens of virtual instruments, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Want to collaborate with other creators? Creator Connect will help you out with that. Just swipe and you will be able to find musical collaborators based on your geography, musical interests or genre.

Want to produce never-heard-before mixes? Creator Kits is your go to. It is a preloaded sound packs in a familiar 4x4 virtual pad controller format. Now, you can unleash your fullest producing potential. 

They are also rolling out Video Mix, which is a new feature that is in beta at the moment. It lets you create music videos with only your phone. Now you can share your music AND talent with the world easily with just one app. It is currently only available in iOS but Android will be coming soon! 

BandLab is all about creation and collaboration. Once you have it in your phone, it is always there for you in your pocket.

Log in on www.bandlab.com to check it out, or download from the iOS and Android store today.

2. JamBandit


JamBandit is an app for the fans. If you want to be like your favourite bands and musicians, JamBandit is for you. It is an interactive music application enabling expert performance from all players, regardless of experience or training. JamBandit is developed by Recombinant Inc, a technology company specializing in music analysis and algorithmic composition. 

Recombinant systems enable interactive touchscreen and motion sensitive environments in which the player experiences music as a virtual talent. These technologies are derived from UC Santa Cruz Professor Emeritus David Cope's pioneering studies of algorithmic composition.

The app’s features are simple and easy to use. All you have to do is pick a song, play the song, pick your instrument and start playing. You play by simply touching the screen, you can hold it down, you can swipe, you can drag and because the technology that Recombinant Inc has developed no matter what you do, you will feel as if you were a professional musician.

So what are you waiting for? Get it on iOS now!

3. GigFindr


GigFindr is a new app for people to expand their network as a musician and/or as a fan of music. 

Music lovers now can discover live gigs happening around in nightlife locations and day shows at cafes. Connect with your local music scene and get to know more about the people behind each band. Find live music and enjoy it with family and friends. 

Musicians can now push for maximum exposure and reach. GigFindr helps you neatly organize your gigs schedules while helping loyal fans to locate you easily and for new fans to discover you.

This app is perfect for a newbie music lover to discover even more about local music and it even gives them specific times and directions to live shows happening in the area. For the musicians, they can easily share their shows for people in the area to know about it also has functions to help easily schedule and manage their gigs. They can also connect with their fans and with other local musicians.

It all started when Bowie Chang and Francis Liew realised that their talented and hardworking friends were getting limited exposure for their gigs. Social media marketing was overused, and it was too widely spread across the 3 big platforms. They identified the issue and commenced GigFindr to counter it.

GigFindr is more than just an app, it is the “coming together of a community”. With hopes to promote every musician with the same chance and opportunity to be heard, seen and exposed and introducing local music lovers to bands they have never heard before.

There will be new features that are coming soon at the end of the year, so keep your eyes glued on GigFindr! You can get it on both iOS and Android.

Kenny Lim