10 (Recently Released) Local Tracks To Check Out

By Rachel Ng

Local music just keeps getting better and better. There’s no lack of it, there’s a genre for everyone, and the scene gets more love every day.

IGNITE! Music Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year - that’s a whole ten years of local music that’s been growing and changing! We’ve seen many different highs and lows of the local music scene, but to see it grow to be where it is today is truly heart-warming.

In the spirit of making all things “ten”, here are ten recent releases from the past year that we’ve been really digging:

1. Sam Rui - Better

Who? Sam Rui, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter - who has just released her debut album, Season 2. She also recently performed solo at the acclaimed St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, which is an incredible milestone given that she’s relatively fresh in her career.

You’d like this if: you just broke up with your ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend, whatever works) and you want them to know you’re much better off without them. Blast it, belt it out, and subtly, indirectly tweet the lyrics of this song so they get the hint.

Catch Sam Rui on Day 1 (28 July) of IGNITE! Music Festival 2017!


2. M1LDL1FE - Distraction

Who? M1LDL1FE? Mildlife? Midlife? Who are they, you ask? Perhaps their former band name might ring a bell - they were Take Two, alt-indie pop quintet. But since the departure of their guitarist, they have rebranded and are now known as M1LDL1FE.

You’d like this if: you need to get distracted. This track is perfect for those long bus rides, while you gaze into the distance of the roads and buildings, thinking about your… mild life. *finger guns*


3. LEW - Reality (ft. Joie Tan)

Who? 21-year-old LEW (real name Lewis Loh), also affectionately known as the “Singing Cop” back in 2015 because he fronted the Singapore Police Force’s band’s rendition of National Day theme song, One Singapore. Most recently, he’s launched his debut album, Lullacry, early this month.

You’d like this if: you’re a hopeless romantic, and you love a good mellow, acoustic and heart-warming tune. I heard LEW and Joie play this live once, and I was hooked - it was beautiful.

Catch LEW on Day 1 (28 July) of IGNITE! Music Festival 2017!


4. Xingfoo&Roy - Anchor Forever

Who? Emo band Xingfoo&Roy, contrary to popular belief, is NOT made up of two people named Xingfoo and Roy. They’re in fact made up of three guys - Daniel, Jerome and Gabriel, and we have no idea who “Xingfoo” and “Roy” are. They just released their full-length album late last year, 10 Dating Tips for the Spineless Youth Addicted to Pornography.

You’d like this if: you like Anchor beer/hate being sober/because it’s kind of depressing. It’s an awesome track to rock out to.

Catch Xingfoo&Roy on Day 2 (29 July) of IGNITE! Music Festival 2017!


5. Subsonic Eye - Sun Kissed Skin

Who? Subsonic Eye, an alternative band formed in 2015, signed to Middle Class Cigars (Cosmic Child, Sobs). They released their debut album earlier this year, titled Strawberry Feels.

You’d like this if: you just want to feel nostalgic, for a bit. Subsonic Eye describes their music as “happy music for sad people”, so it works for a night where you’re brooding over life and/or having an existential crisis about your past, present and future.

Catch Subsonic Eye on Day 1 (28 July) of IGNITE! Music Festival 2017!


6. Retrofocus - Hands Around

Who? They’re a relatively young band, but this alternative pop band “aims to redefine modern day pop”. They’re currently in the midst of finishing their first self-titled EP, that will be released in mid-July, and have just released this new single - Hands Around.

You’d like this if: you want to get your hands around (literally) someone special, or just want to dance to a groovy song.


7. False Plaintiff - Hive Mind

Who? Indie-punk/post-hardcore band False Plaintiff has come a long way since they formed in 2012. They’ve played at multiple gigs, such as 100 Bands, Baybeats, and even internationally - Japan, and soon-to-be Australia.

You’d like this if: you want to feel emotional while listening to a brutally honest, heartfelt, and intense track. Perfect for blasting in the car, or on those long bus/train rides.


8. Bakers in Space - Fools & Liars

Who? 2017 is definitely Bakers In Space’s year. The indie post-psych rock band has just released their debut EP, Implosions, earlier in May (where they played to a full house at the Esplanade Recital Studio!), and are set to embark on a regional tour from August 2017.

You’d like this if: you like Arctic Monkeys. Seriously. It’s no surprise, since they are one of the band’s influences. Perfect for a good night out with your mates, and you wanna get groovin’ to some sick guitar riffs.

Catch Bakers In Space on Day 2 (29 July) of IGNITE! Music Festival 2017!


9. Decipher - The Sea That Surrounds Us

Who? Hardcore band Decipher prides themselves on making music that is “emotionally driven, hard hitting, melodic”. Formed in 2013, they’ve just released their second EP, Strange Comforts, in April this year.

You’d like this if: you want to immerse yourself into a really good eargasm of a track. Play this track on your best speakers / headphones, because it’s an audio masterpiece.

Catch Decipher on Day 2 (29 July) of IGNITE! Music Festival 2017!


10. FXTRT - Maggie

Who? They’re Foxtrot, without the vowels. Formed in 2014 by two friends in their days in Republic Polytechnic (yay, RP pride!), they play indie rock and have just released their EP, Bento Set A, in June.

You’d like this if: you like maggie mee. ‘Nuff said.

Kenny Lim